sophie cane
Illustrator and Designer
Memory  One

NEW - Memory Mapping

Memory Mapping

Masters Study at NUA- Exploring the ideas and theories around memory, community and sense of place we depict within our memories of specific moments in time.

Inspiration: The fond memories my grandfather shared with me and the old stories he would tell me. The humorous nature to these and amazing encounters this man made throughout his life, which now with his passing, are only imbedded into my memory, no written or recorded material of these.

Exploration: How we can visually show memory, in a celebratory form, which may be forgotten in years to come?

Archival materials of our cultural identity is easily accessed, yet hard to display and shows very little about the working everyday lives , and we rarely get to explore these precious memories of individuals unless they are in the format of a diary or voice recorded.

For now:

Some illustrations I have been working on from a survey of the community of my local city, Norwich and these participants most fond of memories within the city. I wish to expand on my ideas further, into designs for tiles and murals which could lead into community workshop design / art. In turn, could incorporate the youth and the elderly in sharing their stories of Norwich with each other, to break the perception of the age gap and communicational issues between these two generations.

Memory  One

Memory One

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